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(Nov 06, 2013)
Great push last night, Iron Jugg will fall on Thursday. Be prepared!
(Nov 03, 2013)
This makes me miss Xaos
(Oct 29, 2013)
Afk tonight
(Oct 21, 2013)
Logs up for Garrosh 25 kill (for the pulls I was present)
(Oct 20, 2013)
Garrosh dies on 25.
(Oct 15, 2013)
Not only Garrosh... but H Immerseus and Protectors!
(Oct 15, 2013)
(Oct 14, 2013)
Garrosh is dead.
(Oct 07, 2013)
I saw some inner turmoil about Galt on the forums. It's nice to hear that they are pushing through, not.
(Oct 07, 2013)
Looks like galt got garrosh first for horde last night....
(Oct 07, 2013)
So... Jhazrun solo-healed HC Garrosh 10m apparently. Go go Holy HPS. :D
(Oct 03, 2013)
(Oct 02, 2013)
Read up on a little Galakras tip....
(Oct 01, 2013)
(Oct 01, 2013)
Did I see Kirkmias log into WoW yesterday? And Monty posted here?? @_@
(Oct 01, 2013)
A new Garrosh video has been poster. Take some time this week to review. The iron Star will be used.
(Sep 30, 2013)
Didn't see a garrosh thread, looks like the iron star does massive damage to adds if they are in it's line, worth looking into. Ill try and read more on it after work
(Sep 29, 2013)
Damage Control is 13/14 baby.
(Sep 29, 2013)
Hey there Monty!
(Sep 27, 2013)
Hello People