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(Feb 09, 2014)
Heroic Spoils dropped tonight! Go Go DC!
(Jan 26, 2014)
Heroic Malkorok is dead. Well Played.
(Jan 19, 2014)
Antidraxx and Draxx will be in Dallas Texas this week from Wednesday to Saturday. Antidraxx is moving to Dallas Texas and Draxx is going to be helping him move stuff into Anti's new house. They want to know who is in that area so they can hang out.
(Jan 16, 2014)
Grats on the H Nazzy kill! Wish I could've been there.
(Jan 14, 2014)
Phone died, will be on as soon as it has enough charge to get access to my authenticator.
(Jan 09, 2014)
Make sure to check out Heroic Nazgrim so we can down him tonight!
(Jan 07, 2014)
I hear you guys have it cold down there in the lower 48 =P
(Jan 02, 2014)
Hope everyone had a good day blowing off things that SHOULD be illegal...and prolly were.
(Jan 01, 2014)
Happy New Years all!
(Dec 31, 2013)
Happy Holidays everyone! Hope things are going well. Looking forward to being back!
(Dec 25, 2013)
Happy Holiday Everyone!
(Dec 16, 2013)
Where'd Symmone go?
(Dec 03, 2013)
Ill start spamming tomorrow when Im at work
(Dec 03, 2013)
(Dec 03, 2013)
There. I responded to 2 non afk/app posts.
(Nov 29, 2013)
(Nov 26, 2013)
I am here to invade the forums, post moar.
(Nov 24, 2013)
Sick Puppies concert, nuff said =)
(Nov 23, 2013)
Somewhere under the piles of kid vomit and sleepless nights of late? WHERE ARE OUR HEALS PAST 7 SERVER? :P
(Nov 22, 2013)
Where are our screen shots!!!