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(Jun 09, 2015)
Stuck at work. Gonna be late..... Probably really late
(Jun 06, 2015)
Be careful what you ask for...
(Jun 01, 2015)
shiro, when will you be back
(May 26, 2015)
Nico! ...How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh?
(May 12, 2015)
Going to be late.... Stuck at work
(Apr 14, 2015)
Go pick apart my Oregorger Strat!
(Apr 12, 2015)
(Apr 02, 2015)
Error #2. Login issue that seems to be spreadin'. \
(Apr 02, 2015)
Got last minute tickets to the midnight showing of Fast 7!! Woot! problem is that i have to drive 3.5h to see it. GL in raid you nubs!
(Mar 11, 2015)
Will be late 3/12. Spokesperson tomorrow. Need to attend for incite.
(Mar 09, 2015)
I'm here foo!
(Mar 02, 2015)
Does FF'ing speed up the download?
(Mar 02, 2015)
Shiro saved all the old forum data on his TRS80 tape drive if there is something specific you're missing
(Mar 02, 2015)
it really was an awesome kill.. felt good!
(Mar 02, 2015)
that kill felt so good
(Mar 02, 2015)
I was there in spirit <3
(Feb 27, 2015)
Feels very Canadian... If I had to guess I would say that Mabo has been doing work.
(Feb 27, 2015)
I got the hanz/franz kill if y'all want
(Feb 27, 2015)
New Site Layout
(Jan 22, 2015)
Heeeeellllllllllooooooooo out there!