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Damage Control: Leadership

Officer Council: Major guild decisions are made based on the majority rule of our officers and our guild master, Moldrekh. Most issues, however, are normally brought before the entire guild where they are discussed openly. Guild Officers will take that feedback into account, confer and then choose a course of action.

Damage Control: Code of Conduct

Be courteous to your fellow guild mates and gamers. You represent Damage Control inside and outside of raids. Please be especially considerate of this fact when sharing your thoughts in public channels.

Always do your best. When it comes to your personal performance, you should be constantly striving to improve. You may be given constructive feedback on how you can better your performance. Ensure that you are taking this in the positive manner it's intended to be received. Performance and attitude are continually being evaluated and may determine your raid spot.

We do not abide whining. Sincere complaints brought up in a civil manner will be addressed in the moment if it is urgent or handled outside of the raid if more appropriate. In most cases, issues between two or a small group of people will be settled in private tells to keep guild drama to a minimum.

Chat during progression needs to be focused on executing gameplay. We ask that non-relevant topics be held from the pull countdown until the pull is over so players can stay focused on the game. However, outside of raids, during trash and clearing farm content, we encourage camaraderie and open discussion.

Please inform the guild if you are unable to make raids Damage Control is extremely flexible when it comes to the needs of Real Life. However, we need to know as soon as possible if players will be absent so we can minimize the impact that absence has on the other people with which you raid. We have an AFK forum dedicated to letting the guild know who can and cannot make a particular raid. Pleae use it for notices of being late or fully absent for any raid nights.

Have fun. Be willing to laugh at yourself. Do your best to avoid taking things personally. Raiding is wiping and making mistakes. Progress happens when we learn from those mistakes and take down bosses.

Damage Control: Raiding & Loot

Raid Times, Inside and Out

Our raid schedule is Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday from 5:30 to 9:30 PM PST. During that time we require raiders to be focused on tackling the content at hand. Have something fun you'd like to do with guildies on an off-night? Go for it! We're stronger as a team when we have fun together.

If you are a Raider, you are expected to be ready to pull right at 5:30pm PST on raid nights. Ensure you are prepared with repaired armor, the highest level flasks, augment runes, and fully enchanted and gemmed gear of the highest quality.

Raid Invites

Raid priority is generally based on the following factors:

  • Rank. Raiders get preference for spots over recruits. Friends and Family are not invited to raids.

  • Teamwork. The raid comes first. Damage Control thrives on friendly competition between its DPS classes. That said, there comes a point where a tunnel visioned focus on damage meters will harm the raid. DPS who focus solely on their own numbers, ignore key burn targets, or provides loud and unwarranted criticism will likely be given less priority to those who put the raid and its progress first.

  • Raid Balance and Composition. Some encounters require a specific set of class abilities, raid awareness or DPS or healing prowess to master. The officers may ask a player to sit out for a fight if it is deemed a different raid composition would be critical to progression. Please do not take these requests personally. We are here to raid and kill bosses. Further, the raid leader and officers will note your willingness to help the raid and will do their best to take that gesture into account.

  • Quick Recovery. After a raid wipe, please accept the Resurrection or return to the instance quickly so we can rebuff and continue pulling the boss. If you have to AFK between pulls be sure to let someone know, especially if you need to excuse yourself for more than a few minutes. If you are consistently unable to recover quickly from a wipe, we may need to replace you so the guild can continue progression. This is not a personal slight, just a necessity for keeping the raid machinery moving.


We use EPGP as a guide for overall loot distribution, and loot is handed out based on loot council decisions.

Factors that influence loot decisions include: previous awarded loot, recent attendance, raid performance, attitude inside and outside the guild and current gear. In rare situations where many people will want an item or the item has no raiding significance (like rare-drop pets and mounts) interested players will do a simple 1-100 roll, and the highest roll wins.

EPGPLootmaster is a required add-on for loot inquiries. You can also download EPGP (DKP Reloaded) to monitor your status.

Damage Control: Required Mods

Deadly Boss Mods (@Curse) or Bigwigs - Boss mods and timers for all boss encounters.

WeakAuras 2 - Custom timers, warnings and other features not included in DBM are shared with the raid using WeakAuras.

Damage Control: Suggested Mods

Skada Damage and Healing Meters - Modular Damage/Healing/Raid Information Meter

Recount - Recount is a damage and healing meter alternative.

TellMeWhen - Provides visual and audible notifications for your own abilities.

GTFO - Provides audible notifications when you stand in the fire. D'oh.

Please Note:

The above rules and policies are subject to change at any time. Though we will do our best to let the guild know when changes have been made, it is up to the individual guild member to read guild rules/policies.