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Rank: Guild Member
Online: 3 years ago
Joined: May 29, 2008
Nick Name: CduB, Custed
Gender: Male
Country: United States
State/Province: VA
I don't just have a cool name that everyone wants, I've got style. You can see my name in many other MMOs as I am not limited to WoW. Go ahead check out Shattered Galaxy, 2 Moons, Diablo 2, Risk Your Life, Gunz and Aion Online. Let's not forget old school CS when it used to be fun. That's my MMO crap, now about me. I got married in May 09 and had my first child (Hailey) January 17 2010. I work as a Monitoring Analyst for Bank of America as well as drive for Pizza Hut when I feel like it, and/or have time. Beer is my liquid of choice, dark beer that has taste. I've also played guitar for about sixteen years now and have some drunken songs on youtube that I may or may not share with you. Other than than I'm happy to be here and you all are very cool w/ the exception of Yawg (he smells funny). Oh yes and I write in my free time and am down with the linguists we have.
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